Saturday, December 03, 2016

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What's New with RED

RED launches new video tutorials for ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Ventilation tool

RED launched the ASHRAE 62.2-2016 tool and corresponding User Guide in March, ahead of the official release of the Standard. Recently, we posted three new Video Tutorials for this new tool on the RED YouTube Channel. We recommend you view these videos in this order:
  • RED 62.2-2016 Video Tutorial, short version, which is less than nine minutes in length. If you don't have much time to spare in your busy life, this is the place to start.
  • RED Tool 62.2-2013 to 62.2-2016 Changes, which is less than four minutes in length. This short video looks at all the significant changes you need to be aware of before you begin using the RED ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Ventilation tool.
  • RED 62.2-2016 Extended Video Tutorial, which is just over 35 minutes in length. This video explains all the details of using the RED ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Ventilation tool, including the infiltration credit for horizontally-attached dwellings in multifamily buildings; math-on-the-fly; the advanced blower door inputs; the alternative compliance path for existing dwellings; the run-time solver; and the leakage rate solver.

We hope these videos will help you when using the new RED 62.2-2016 tool. The videos will also increase your understanding of the ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Standard. Have fun watching.

Who Uses RED Calc Free Tools?

  • Home performance analysts
  • DOE weatherization energy auditors and quality-control inspectors
  • Energy auditors
  • HERS raters
  • Design professionals
  • HVAC analysts and installers
  • Building inspectors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Building science researchers

First-Time Users, Start Here. . .

1. Watch this video tutorial at the RED YouTube Channel;

2. Read the Getting Started help document;

3. Use the RED Calc Free menu on the left to try any of the tools;

4. Click the "i" in the blue circle to the right of any tool name in the menu at the left for more information;

5. Click/touch any tool input or result label to see popup help when you need it; and

6. The advanced features of RED Calc FreeTM  will run on the latest versions of all common web browsers.

     Screenshot of Weather Station Data tool

Weather Station Data tool screenshot

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