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What's New with RED

Rick Karg of RED receives 2015 Hastings Award from Efficiency Maine, January 8, 2016. Read more.

Preview of new RED ASHRAE 62.2-2016 tool

The next ASHRAE 62.2 meeting in Orlando, Florida at the end of January 2016 will determine which of the many addenda to ASHRAE 62.2-2013 will be included in 62.2-2016. Most of the proposed addenda have already been officially accepted or rejected, so we are now working on the new RED ASHRAE 62.2-2016 tool. The changes will be significant and are expected to include:
  • Addendum a will include the 15 CFM de minimis for whole-building ventilation. We added this to the 2013 version of the RED tool a year ago as the "Whole-Bldg Leakage Rate Solver".
  • Addendum g brings a significant scope change to the 2016 version of the 62.2 Standard. Now the 62.2 Standard will apply to buildings of ANY height. In the 2013 version the Standard covered three stories or less above grade.
  • Addendum o brings a terminology change: "whole-building" ventilation will be changed to "dwelling-unit" ventilation. This term does a better job of defining dilution ventilation in multifamily buildings, as well as single-family homes. This change will only impact the labels of some of the RED 62.2-2016 results.

In all, most of the expected changes for the 2016 version have to do with scope, terminology, and organization. Thus, it is not likely that the 2016 version of the RED 62.2 tool will require major changes. We will do our best to release the RED 62.2-2016 tool by the end of February 2016. Stay tuned!

Who Uses RED Calc Free Tools?

  • Home performance analysts
  • DOE weatherization energy auditors and quality-control inspectors
  • Energy auditors
  • HERS raters
  • Design professionals
  • HVAC analysts and installers
  • Building inspectors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Building science researchers

First-Time Users, Start Here. . .

1. Watch this video tutorial at the RED YouTube Channel;

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3. Use the RED Calc Free menu on the left to try any of the tools;

4. Click the "i" in the blue circle to the right of any tool name in the menu at the left for more information;

5. Click/touch any tool input or result label to see popup help when you need it; and

6. The advanced features of RED Calc FreeTM  will run on the latest versions of all common web browsers.

     Screenshot of Weather Station Data tool

Weather Station Data tool screenshot

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