Thursday, June 20, 2019
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ResVent 62.2 for Compliance with ASHRAE 62.2-2010

This mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch calculated the minimum whole-building ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62.2-2010,Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential BuildingsResVent 62.2 was available at the Apple Apps store for $19.99 US.

ResVent 62.2 featured the choices of ASHRAE 62.2-2007 or 62.2-2010, new or existing dwellings; reports to view on your hardware or e-mail; slider controls for easy data entry; range control of sliders; a picker wheel for easy selection of over 200 weather locations; fan run-time calculator; calculation of the “alternative compliance supplement” and “infiltration credit” for existing homes; our special math-on-the-fly feature; a comprehensive help screen; and more.

A sample screen shot with the results page is at the right. The whole-building ventilation flow rate (CFM or L/s) in the yellow row is displayed on all the input and results pages so that you can see the instant result of your changes.

This native application for iOS is no longer available, having been replaced by RED Calc Free, available at this website.



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