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  • Residential Ventilation for Existing Buildings, ASHRAE Journal, November 2016, pages 80 - 83. Article by Rick Karg about how ASHRAE Standard 62.2 addresses existing buildings. The manner in which the residential ventilation standard recognizes the special needs of existing buildings is arguably responsible for the Department of Energy adopting 62.2 for the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). As a result, approximately one million additional people live with mechanical ventilation and better indoor air quality.

Moisture and Buildings

  • Condensation in Dense-Packed Cavities, by Charlie Holly, is a short explanation of why moisture is usually in most dense-packed cavities insulated with cellulose. Under certain conditions, some of this moisture will condense (freeze) on the inside of the exterior sheathing. Will this moisture cause problems? Three RED Calc tools are used to answer this question.

Heating Systems and Combustion

  • Building Science 201: Combustion. Home Energy magazine, July/August 2013 by Rick Karg. This article is a good overview of combustion theory and identification of heating systems. Posted with the permission of Home Energy magazine.
  • Standardized Terminology for Combustion Appliances and Combustion Safety Testing. As trainers and technical writer for the last 30 years, we have become very aware of the importance of using standardized terminology and definitions. We have found this to be especially important in the field of combustion appliances, venting, and combustion safety testing. Rick have put together this list of terms with some illustrations that we hope will help bring uniformity and enhance communication:  We welcome suggestions regarding this document.

Insulation Techniques

Social Psychology of Adopting Energy Efficiency

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