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RED Creates Custom Web Application for AirCycler

In early May 2015, RED and AirCycler showcased the new Annual Ventilation Cost Calculator at the ACI Home Performance Conference in New Orleans. This free web app lives on AirCycler's web site but is powered by RED. It continues our commitment to provide the best information possible to our users. 

This innovative application is optimized for desktop and mobile devices and shows an annual cost range for ASHRAE 62.2-compliance ventilation using one of four AirCycler controls.

According to Carly Maltais of AirCycler in a Home Energy Pros post: "This is the first calculator made available for getting the estimated annual energy cost of operating an exhaust, supply, hybrid exhaust-supply or even balanced ventilation system, using information that a homeowner or contractor has readily available. At minimum, the user can get an estimated annual energy cost by entering the zip code of the home, square footage, number of stories and bedrooms, and the heating fuel type." 

"For a more targeted estimate, the user has the option to enter details like exhaust fan flow rate and furnace fan power. Using this information the calculator will produce an annual energy cost range. The low-end cost of the range is for older, leakier homes (that require less mechanical ventilation) while the higher-end cost is for newer, tighter homes (that require more mechanical ventilation). The estimate takes into consideration both the electricity cost to operate the system itself and the cost to condition the air coming in."

We were delighted to partner with AirCycler on this project and we hope you will find the Annual Ventilation Cost Calculator easy to use and helpful for your work. Much of the under-the-hood magic of this Calculator is based on the RED Advanced Infiltration, Ventilation Electrical Usage, and ASHRAE 62.2-2013 Ventilation tools. The cost of operating ventilation is surprisingly low; this web application demonstrates this. Please give it a try.

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