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Karg Receives 2015 Philip C. Hastings Award

On January 8, 2016, Rick Karg, President of Residential Energy Dynamics was presented with the Philip C. Hastings award from Efficiency Maine (EM) at the annual EM Symposium in Augusta. The Hastings Award is presented to an individual or organization that exemplifies the spirit of the late Phil Hastings, the Founding Director of Efficiency Maine. Phil is remembered for his extraordinary patience, sharp intelligence, and dedication to energy efficiency. To honor his memory, the Philip C. Hastings Award recognizes an individual or organization whose exemplary efforts have furthered Maine’s energy-efficiency goals.

"Karg was honored for his work as a thought leader on building science, energy efficiency, weatherization, and indoor air quality. Karg is the author of multiple energy efficiency and building science studies, technical guides, curricula, and software; in addition, he has trained professionals in residential and commercial energy management for over 30 years, including many of the energy professionals working in Maine. Karg has been a key figure in establishing the once nascent field of building science and is known throughout the industry for the breadth of his knowledge, extraordinary skill as a teacher, and great kindness." [EM press release]

The Hastings award was presented to Karg by Senator Susan Collins (R. Maine); Michael Stoddard, Executive Director of EM; and David Barber, Chair of the EM Board and President of Barber Foods. Leslie Anne Chatfield, Rick's wife, attended the event and appears to Rick's right in the center photo below, Senator Susan Collins is to his left and Michael Stoddard is to Senator Collins' left.

Karg and Senator Collins
Ovation for KargColleagues show delight and approval with standing ovation

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