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RED Creates Custom Web Application for Panasonic

In July 2016, RED and Panasonic Ventilation launched the new Annual Ventilation Cost Estimator. This innovative application can be used to determine the operation costs (electricity to operate fans and heating and cooling costs) for most ventilation systems installed in dwellings in any ZIP code location in the U.S.

It is common for homeowners, installers and even designers to mistakenly perceive the cost of operation of an ASHRAE 62.2-compliant ventilation system is expensive. This estimation tool, using the latest calculation techniques and weather data, proves otherwise. 

The Panasonic Annual Ventilation Cost Estimator application is optimized for mobile devices and shows an annual cost range for ASHRAE 62.2-compliant ventilation with a choice of eight system types, two of which are Panasonic brands. 

If a furnace is used as part of the whole-building ventilation, the furnace default values (flow through the supply damper from the outdoors and the furnace fan wattage) can be overridden by the user. Additionally, if a custom exhaust or supply fan is used as part of the ventilation system, the fan flow rate and fan wattage can be entered for individualized results. Default ZIP code fuel costs are updated monthly, but these can be overridden by the user to custom tailor an analysis.

We were delighted to partner with Panasonic Ventilation on this project and we hope you will find the Annual Ventilation Cost Estimator easy to use and helpful for your work. Much of the under-the-hood magic of this Estimator is based on the RED Advanced Infiltration, Ventilation Electrical Usage, and ASHRAE 62.2-2013 and 2016 Ventilation tools. The cost of operating ventilation is surprisingly low; this web application demonstrates this. Please give it a try.

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