Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Support Articles for Using RED Calc Free
  • RED Calc Math-on-the-Fly and Uncertainty Features, white paper, March 30, 2014. This illustrated 8-page document instructs users how to use math-on-the-fly and explains the uncertainty features of RED Calc Free. Math-on-the-fly allows you to perform calculations within any RED Calc Free input box. For example, find the square area of a complex house by using multiplication, addition, and parenthesis within an input box. Additionally, learn how to understand and manipulate the NIST uncertainty reporting of RED Calc Free tools.
  • Popup Help for Input/Result Labels explains the great RED Calc feature of popup help, a great feature of all RED Calc tools. Click or touch any input or result label to activate a popup help explanation. Help is always just a click (touch) away
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