Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Help Boxes for Input/Result Labels

RED Calc tools can include many inputs and results. With the objective of providing complete explanations for each tool input and result, without cluttering the tools, we have included a pop-up help for each input and result label.Input/result label help

The screenshot to the right shows an example of the help pop-up box (black background with white type) for the “Closest weather station” for the ASHRAE 62.2-2010 Ventilation tool.

In order to view this help box, simply click or touch the input label “Closest weather station”. In order to make the help box go away, click or touch the “x” in the upper right corner of the box. It is possible to open more than one pop-up help box at a time. 

The help box usually appears below the input or result label, but if there is not adequate space on your screen, the box will open above the clicked label. See the example below for the “Fan run-time per hour” result, again from the ASHRAE 62.2-2010 tool; this help box appears above the label.Input/result label help

In addition to explaining the inputs results, these help boxes include information for the “Allowed range” and “Normal range” for inputs when you are required you to enter a number. If you enter a value outside of the allowed range, you will receive an error message. This feature is intended to help you avoid mistakes, such as entering a negative number for the square footage of a house. When the stop-sign error message is displayed signifying your entry is outside of the allowed range, the tool will NOT display the final answer, forcing you to correct your mistake. See the example below.Input/result label help

The normal range includes realistic values for an input. For the example, this range is 500 to 6000 square feet for “Living area”. If your input value is outside this normal range, a warning message will be displayed (see example below), but you may proceed with your work and the tool will display the final answer. See the final example below.Input/result label help

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